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Protect the body from harmful EMF

I was recently introduced to something that has certainly changed my life. I've been using Young Living Essential Oils for years, but adding in the C-PRIME band to block harmful EMF radiation has made a huge impact.

Here's the thing, our bodies are constantly being bombarded by those harmful frequencies coming off our cell phones, cell towers, wi fi, electricity running through the home, large electric towers, the list goes on. This is where the c Prime band comes in, it has the ability to block this radiation from effecting the frequency and flow of your body. This allows your body to work the way it was intended. Then, when Young Living oils are added in they are able to work 100% at healing your body rather than first trying to combat the bad EMF's and then healing the body.

I have had 2 major things happen to me since I started wearing the C-PRIME band:

Let me start out by saying that I have had Lyme disease for 20+ years and have suffered with fatigue, brain fog, memory loss and an asthmatic type lung issue that is amplified when I run, or work out.

1.2 weeks ago I ran in a 10 mile road race that I did NOT train for at all. I intended to train, and after not having/making the time I was just going to walk the race. I ended up bumping into a friend at the starting line and thought I'd try to run with her as far as I could then walk if I need to. Amazingly enough I ended up crossing the finish line with her. It wasn't until I was on my way home about 2 hours after the race when I realized that I had NO trouble breathing during the race, which absolutely amazed me. The entire 19 years I have been running I have struggled to breathe every single time! I did take 1 capsule of Dorado Azul before the race, which is something I have done several times before during training runs. Dorado Azul is a wonderful respiratory oil. I have never had the same result as I did with the combination of YL Oil & C-PRIME. It was an incredible feeling to complete a race that I hadn't trained for and actually feel WONDERFUL!!! (Bonus: it was only 15 min slower than last year...not too shabby!) I also only had tight muscles for the first night after the race, by the next morning I felt fine as if I hadn't run a 10 mile race. The other amazing thing is that in years past 10 miles is always my breaking point, it's where my body breaks down & I can't run anymore...literally, physically, can no longer run.

2. I have had horrible brain fog for pretty much my whole life. I have had one, 2 week period where the brain fog lifted and I felt like a normal person. Imagine going your entire life not being able to retain information, have a fluent thought or be able to remember things you have just said or done. It has been a challenge and a major source of frustration for me. In the past 3 weeks of wearing the C-PRIME bands my brain fog has lifted. It's not 100 % clear yet but it is absolutely a million times better. I can't wait to see how much it improves over the next couple of weeks!

Please feel free to visit the website: http://www.mycprime.com/kristymae

It is also extremely important to protect our children from the harmful EMF they are constantly exposed to & have been since in utero. Nothing makes me cringe more than to see a pregnant woman in a hoodie with her cell phone in the front pocket, basically directly contacting the fetus.
My children are 2 & 4 and they both have bands on their ankles. The 4 year old told me after having hers on for about 10 minutes that her legs didn't hurt anymore. This is a child who will complain & cry every night about her legs hurting. Since putting the bands on her I have not had one complaint at bedtime about her legs hurting. I couldn't be more thrilled!!

Please contact me with any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them!



I've been off the radar for well, about a year now...I'm back!!

I'm testing out a new product that my mother has introduced me to and for the next few days I will be reviewing it. It's called the biowashball. Basically you throw it in the washer, skip the detergent because this does the job and voila your clothes are clean and free of bacteria. All the while saving you money and helping save the environment.

So, tonight it is being put to the test...CLOTH DIAPERS!!! They are not very pleasant smelling right now either, so this will be a true test of this little bad boy!! The ball is made of hard plastic & it seems to have some sort of small rocks in it which eliminates the bacteria.

Testing begins...Update tomorrow!!