Justice for Lily

This post is for those of you new to my blog, and my friends whom haven't done this yet :) Please go and click "like" on the Justice for Lily FB page. (Here is the direct link:   https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForLily )

If you look under the info tab it will tell you about a sweet 2 1/2 year old who lost her life way too soon while in the care of her step mother who is about to stand trial for what happened that day. She has been alleged with several charges including murder and sexual assault. The trial starts Feb 14th and they would love to have 40,000 supporters by then. Please spread the word. It really helps the family to have so many people near and far praying for them and standing by them during this horrifying tragedy. This family is one of the strongest most amazing families I have ever met. Through all the hard times they still share so much love and joy to the people all around them. Lily's mother Lauren & her grandmother Lynette often share memories of Lily as well as update trial information on the page. The administrator for the page is a woman named Olivia and they each will post on the page. Olivia's job is to make sure that there is no profanity or statements made on the page that could cause the page to be shut down or cause an issue for the trial. So please spread the word and share Lily's story and help fight child abuse. Please be supportive, respectful and prayerful to this incredible family.

Thanks to you all & God Bless. 

Justice for Lily is a non-profit organization Lauren started to help fight against child abuse. To date they have raised around $30,000 that has been donated to different child advocacy groups.