What's in your beverages???

When I was in HS, my mom and I tried a recipe for a cheesecake from a "diet" sort of cook book. It called for some Sweet & Low or Nutra Sweet, one of those sugar substitutes. So the cheesecake was made and we each took a slice. I took one bite and immediately my throat started closing up on me. I would have said at the time that I was allergic to aspartame, because that is what they are all made up of. Well I'm not so sure now that would be the correct statement. I would basically say that EVERYONE is "allergic" to aspartame. Granted we're not talking a true allergy here. I'm saying this because Aspartame is a neurotoxin just like MSG. We don't have receptor sites to utilize this substance in the body. Here's why...

Aspartame turns into methanol (a wood alcohol) which is quickly converted into formaldehyde in the body. Formaldehyde will eventually cause severe damage to the immune system, neurological system and ingestion of it over a long period of time can lead to genetic damage.

So as you're drinking your 1 or 2 diet cokes every day or grabbing that sugar free vanilla latte every morning, you could just drink some formaldehyde and cut out the middle man! I don't know about you but I'd rather not be embalmed before I'm dead...I'd rather let the coroner do his job. I may be exaggerating a little here but that's probably not too far off for those of you who choose to keep consuming diet, sugar free beverages & foods every day. You are slowly killing yourself by slowly shutting down your organs.

A friend whom I went to Chiropractic School with, shared a story with us about a diet she went on in undergrad. Like many of us women she wanted to loose some weight. She started eating and drinking all sorts of diet/fat free food. Those being the products labeled as "sugar-free" & "fat-free" meaning there was a sugar substitute. Some time had passed on the diet and she began having some health issues so she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Turns out that all the aspartame she had been consuming was mimicking the effects of MS. Once she quit all of the diet food and drinks she all of her symptoms disappeared. It was never MS at all. Isn't that interesting the effect Aspartame has on the body. I wonder how many other people out there are being misdiagnosed with neurological diseases that have actually just been poisoned by Aspartame...

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